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Large Format Industrial Park • 1800 Trowsse Road, Mill Bay


The Opportunity

The Malahat Business Park (MBP) is a 44-acre industrial business park located on Malahat First Nation land in Mill Bay, British Columbia. The MBP is designed to cater to a diverse range of sectors, including manufacturing, storage, warehousing, logistics, technology, and innovation-driven enterprises. The master plan includes a mix of commercial and industrial zoned land parcels, with various lot sizes and configurations.


Built-To-Suit Warehouse Options

Fenced, Secured Land Lease Options

Direct Access to Trans-Canada Highway

Flexible Zoning, Wide Range of Allowable Uses

MBP will become a high-quality, state-of-the-art development offering versatile leasing opportunities for both industrial and commercial land use through a phased development approach. The business park’s phased build-out will progress with guidance from development procedures and design guidelines, ensuring consistent high-quality land and building development while also providing flexibility in meeting the range of requirements of various tenants.

Malahat Business Park at 1800 Trowsse Road, Mill Bay

Site Plan

The Malahat Business Park spans 44 acres and provides options for potential end users of land leases, built-to-suit options including structure and ample yard space, and spec build options.


With the lack of currently available industrial zoned land in the Capital Regional District, MBP offers the rare opportunity to accommodate large format land leases.

Lot Sizes

The Ownership Group will offer the following plans, combinations of select lots, or will create custom offerings for select groups:

Parcel Size
Lots 1 – 4
0.5 – 2.0-acre flexible lot size options
± 10,000 - 20,000 SQFT market standard warehouse or build-to-suit options.
Lots 5B – 7
0.5 – 4.0-acre flexible lot size options
± 10,000 - 20,000 SQFT market standard warehouse or build-to-suit options.
Lots 9 – 17
1.0 - 10.0-acre flexible lot size options
± 20,000 - 100,000+ SQFT build-to-suit options.

Territorial Acknowledgement

We would like to begin by acknowledging that the project is situated on the traditional territory of the Malahat First Nation. For generations, the Malahat people have lived and thrived on this land, and their culture, language, and history continue to shape the community today.


For the Malahat First Nation, the business park is a means for the involvement and promotion of the Malahat People in the lands, resources, and, in particular, the economy of the Malahat traditional territory. Through investment, management, job creation, and wealth creation for the Malahat People, this business park is a key strategy in the Nation's self-sufficiency.


Advantages to the Malahat Business Park


Strategically located between Victoria and Nanaimo, Vancouver Island major economic markets.


Access to Saanich Inlet deep water port.


Potential access for tenants to provincial and federal government procurement programs and complimentary first nations businesses.


Ability to utilize large format, industrial land parcels—a rarity in the current market place.


Flexible zoning accommodating a wide array of industrial and commercial land uses.



Malahat Business Park location map

Nestled at the crossroads of major transportation routes and surrounded by a network of logistical infrastructure, the location is undeniably strategic for supply and distribution. Its advantageous position offers accessibility and efficiency, making it a coveted hub for businesses and organizations. With well-connected highways, waterways, and airports converging in close proximity, the property allows for seamless movement of goods and resources.


The Malahat Business Park is strategically situated near the Malahat Drive, a key transportation corridor connecting the Capital Regional District and the rest of Vancouver Island. This prime location offers excellent accessibility, visibility, and connectivity, making it an ideal destination for businesses and industries seeking to establish a strong presence in the region.

Malahat Business Park site access

The MBP is located approximately 30 minutes north of Downtown Victoria and 55 minutes south of Downtown Nanaimo, adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway (TC-1) on Trowsse Road. Access to the site from the TC-1 is by way of merge lanes and off-ramps, with a northbound exit ramp to Trowsse Road (200 m from TC-1) and southbound exit ramp via Mill Bay Rd to Trowsse Rd (1.2 km from TC-1).